The Art of Science

Limited Edition Art Prints

by Alicia González Gonzálvez



The objective of scientific experiments is to find plausible and rational explanations for phenomena, but not to find the beauty hidden in it. And why not...?

Iwas born in Madrid in 1977. During my study Biology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid I discovered my passion for science. I obtained a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and then continued my academic education with a European Doctoral Thesis in the field of Biophysics. During my academic work by coincidence I discovered a totally different side of science, that being a source of beauty and art. Working and playing with light interacting with physical matter I found and perfected a spectacular way to capture the surprising beauty that can be found inside scientific experiments. Creating my work, I start with making photographs of the interaction between atoms and molecules with light. To carry out my work I need to develop various experimental set-ups based on the use of different types of lights: laser light from the UV-visible until the infrared light spectrum, led and different optic items as optical lens, optic microscope, mirrors to direct the light and play with it, diaphragms and prisms to focus or diverge the light in one or several points of the physical matter. In these photographs the different phenomena of light interaction through matter are captured on a molecular level:  scattering, reflection, fluorescence, phosphorescence. The matter used ranges from object surfaces (inorganic materials as metals, different textures and alloys of them) to biological samples such as proteins, enzymes, cells (animal and plant), fruits, tissues (animal and plant), micro-organisms et cetera. These photographs I then process and manipulate digitally in an artistic way. The resulting art is a form of digital impressionism, a cross-over where the world of photography meets the world of painting…