,,As the title suggests this artwork represents a cell that brings life. Observe the powerful colored nucleus inside full of photons. The image is obtained from capturing the scattering process of the light through an epithelial animal cell after the irradiation with a diode blue laser on a microscopic level. Notice the two differentiated cellular membranes, typical of every animal cell: the plasmatic (external) and nuclear (internal) one. These two essential membranes in any animal cell are well defined thanks to the illuminating power of the laser and the process of scattering of the light created by it. Look at the nucleus of the epithelial animal cell full of violet colored scattered photons as digital impressionism dots remarking the power of the life, which every nucleus of any animal cell brings with its genetic information (DNA), resulting in.... life!


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  • Giclée print on art paper | 50x50cm, edition size 30 | euro 195 (without frame) | order ref. CI-1
  • Giclée print on art paper | 100x100cm, edition size 30 | euro 375 (without frame) | order ref. CI-2
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | 100x100cm, edition size 10 | euro 725 | order ref. CI-3
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | custom size | on request

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