,,This artwork has almost the same shape and appearance as a real globe fish. The similarity is amazing although in reality it is a quite something different (and this is the beautiful thing about “The Art of Science”…). The scientific experiment underlying this work was the scattering of the light through a tree leave (!). This tree leave has been irradiated with a green diode laser, exactly at 532nm, because the chlorophyll and another substances of the leave absorb at this wavelength. After the digital artistic manipulation it converts it in a Globe Fish...! Magical...!


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  • Giclée print on art paper | 45x45cm, edition size 30 | euro 195 (without frame) | order ref. PG-1
  • Giclée print on art paper | 90x90cm, edition size 30 | euro 350 (without frame) | order ref. PG-2
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | 90x90cm, edition size 10 | euro 690 | order ref. PG-3
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | custom size | on request

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