,,This is one of my most abstracts artworks, in which one can observe different irregular forms, points, half circles or irregular strokes. The science that is hidden in this artwork is based on a fluorescence phenomenon in a Petri dish (petri dish to grow bacteria, fungi, et cetera) of a yeast culture after being irradiated with an ultraviolet diode laser and optic microscopic. The image shows us a transit or change of some shapes to others, revealing a time of change in one´s life.


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  • Giclée print on art paper | 45x50cm, edition size 30 | euro 195 (without frame) | order ref. TR-1
  • Giclée print on art paper | 90x100cm, edition size 30 | euro 350 (without frame) | order ref. TR-2
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | 90x100cm, edition size 10 | euro 690 | order ref. TR-3
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | custom size | on request

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