,,During my doctoral thesis I studied many aspects of the carotenoids, pigments presents in the skin of many fruits, as tomatoes, carrots et cetera. These pigments are responsible of the color of these fruits and are crucial in the photosynthesis (breathing) and maturation process of them. Particularly, I studied Raman spectroscopy (scattering process of the light) on these carotenoids as a tool to detect, quantify and estimate the maturation of them. This image represents the fluorescence (phenomenon of luminescence that provides the ability to the substances to absorb energy in a certain wavelength and to emitted in a different one) of a net filled with beta-carotene and bromide potassium (KBr), to don’t be totally pure and then saturate the camera without interfering the beta-carotene fluorescence signal. Immediately after a diode laser irradiation in the ultraviolet spectrum takes place into this net. If you look deeply the image simulates a fish bowl full of particles emitting light. Thanks to the high intensity of the light of this phenomenon, the results are impressive.


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  • Giclée print on art paper | 45x45cm, edition size 30 | euro 195 (without frame) | order ref. ES-1
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  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | custom size | on request

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