,,The image and ambiance of this work transports me to a violet universe full of stars, far far away. The science behind this universe represents the emitted fluorescence of an enzymatic reaction (enzymes are large biomolecules that are responsible for many chemical reactions that are necessary to sustain life) after the ultraviolet irradiation. If you look at the top of the image you will see a rectangular shape, which is the result of the fluorescence illumination of a (metallic) part of the experimental set-up. The white spot looks like it is painted with a brush, but in reality it is the result of the power and spontaneity of the light. Look at all the 'stars' against the black universe. These are fluorescing photons (a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation) scattered throughout the image, suggesting a mysterious and faraway universe. Due to the stark contrast between the black background and the strong violet colors, this is an intriguing and very powerful artwork.


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  • Giclée print on art paper | 50x42cm, edition size 30 | euro 195 (without frame) | order ref. UV-1
  • Giclée print on art paper | 100x84cm, edition size 30 | euro 350 (without frame) | order ref. UV-2
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | 100x84cm, edition size 10 | euro 690 | order ref. UV-3
  • Chromaluxe print on aluminum | custom size | on request

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